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About Carousel Financial Services

Our service and advice are completely free to you, call us or email today for the no obligation first meeting where we will show you what we could help you save. We make applying for a home loan very easy for you and we do all of the running around.

If you have your home loan with a bank and you just pay the same amount each fortnight or month, you are missing out on potentially huge interest savings. Chances are you are paying too much interest which is just wasted money for you and profit for the bank. Carousel Home Loans can show you how to become debt free much faster while building the equity in your home – potentially paying your loan off in half the time and saving tens of thousands in wasted interest.

What a Carousel Managed Home Loan could do for you

  • Allow you to take control of your home loan and short term debts.
  • Reduce the term of your mortgage by up to half.
  • Accelerate the equity in your home when paying off debt.
  • A huge reduction in your interest costs, potentially tens of thousands depending on your mortgage size.
  • Help you to make informed financial decisions plus understand how these decisions effect your mortgage.
  • Assist you in measuring your progress on a monthly basis.
  • Help you build a buffer of equity to provide cash flow and emergency funding.
  • Make sure that your earned money is working much harder for you.
  • Give you a tax free interest savings plan.

Talk to us before you need to make the choice and help provide additional funding for the community. We can assist you with the right advice..

Yes, we can provide funding for your favoured group by working with you and their members / supporters to help make the right choice of mortgage or insurance when working through CAROUSEL will be helping fund their community

Think of the every day or common transactions you are involved in…wouldn’t it be great to share some of the money out of the transaction with a community group that you support or if you are the community group, would it be helpful to receive additional funding from your membership?

A new initiative of business working for you and with the Community at heart!