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About Carousel Financial Services

“Carousel is a new initiative of business working for you and with the Community at heart, which has been developed as a “pay-it-forward” funding model that puts the donation power in hands of local individuals, business and community groups”

We give advice on and access to financial services from some of New Zealand’s most recognisable institutions. We act as adviser/advisers or provide access to brokers adviser/advisers which provides income that we can share directly with the groups you wish to support. We can support a school, charity, non-profit group, club / team or a local business. We can help support your chosen part of the community without an additional cost to you.

Carousel is a free service which provides the introduction to the qualified professional to assist you when doing a mortgage, buying insurance, selling your house or seeking professional advice.


Talk to us before you need to make the choice and help provide additional funding for the community. We can assist you with the right advice..

Yes, we can provide funding for your favoured group by working with you and their members / supporters to help make the right choice of mortgage or insurance when working through CAROUSEL will be helping fund their community

Think of the every day or common transactions you are involved in…wouldn’t it be great to share some of the money out of the transaction with a community group that you support or if you are the community group, would it be helpful to receive additional funding from your membership?

A new initiative of business working for you and with the Community at heart!